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Wild Blackberry - Eau De Toilette (30ml)

Wild Blackberry - Eau De Toilette (30ml)

Bottega Verde

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Wild Blackberry - Eau De Toilette (30ml)

Sweet, carefree and breezy

Sweet, carefree and breezy, it delights the senses with the appealing fragrance of Wild Blackberries ripening in the sun on clear summer days. Its unmistakeably vibrant and delectable notes caress the skin with sugary happiness... to fill every day of the year with sweet cheer!

Actions: Fragrance

Usage Directions: Spray it behind the ears and on the wrists

Scent: TOP NOTES: bergamot, mandarin, violet leaves and a hint of almonds. MIDDLE NOTES: roses, violets, cherries, blackberries and raspberries. BASE NOTES: musk, heliotrope, iris, caramel, vanilla and tonka beans.

Suggestions: For all skin types.

Characteristics: Fragrance

Texture: Liquid.

Application Area: Body.