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Violet -  Hand Wash  Violet Scent (250ml)

Violet - Hand Wash Violet Scent (250ml)

Bottega Verde

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Violet -  Hand Wash  Violet Scent (250ml)

This product cleans your hands effectively whilst being gentle on your skin, and helps to banish bad odours, releasing an aromatic and sweet violet fragrance. The special formula, enriched with delicate surfactants and violet extract, is excellent for frequent use. 

Choose this hand wash for a product free from parabens and formaldehyde donors.

Actions:Aromatic cleanser.
Direction for use:Rub a dash of the product into wet hands to produce a gentle lather. Rinse with plenty of water.
Suggestions:For all skin types.
Characteristic:Liquid enriched with delicate surfactants deriving from olives and wheat protein.
Application Area:Hands.