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Vanilla Petals - Souffle' Body Cream (200ml)
Vanilla Petals - Souffle' Body Cream (200ml)

Vanilla Petals - Souffle' Body Cream (200ml)

Bottega Verde

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Vanilla Petals - Souffle' Body Cream (200ml)

This appealing body cream is as delicate as a soufflé and a real treat for the skin, leaving it as velvety as snow white vanilla petals. Its soft, smooth-flowing texture and its wonderful fragrance harmoniously combine in gratifyingly pleasant sensations. The formula contains Sweet Almond Oil and Vanilla Extract. It nourishes the skin and unleashes radiant silkiness with every application... offering gentle, delicate pampering for your beauty!

Choose it if you want a product with no parabens or formaldehyde releasers. 

Hair/Skin:For all skin types. 
Actions:Emollient, nourishing and fragrant. 
Direction for use:Apply it once you have dried your skin after a bath or shower, then rub it in until it has been fully absorbed. Apply it twice a day to particularly dry skin.
Scent:Vanilla petals, sweet, floral and bright.
Suggestions:For anyone who wants to ¿nourish¿ their skin delicately. 
Characteristic:Nourishing, delicate cream. 
Texture:Cream in a pot. 
Application Area:Body.