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SOL Protection - Multi-active After-sun Face Repair Treatment (50 ml)

SOL Protection - Multi-active After-sun Face Repair Treatment (50 ml)

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SOL Protection - Multi-active After-sun Face Repair Treatment, With Calabrian Liquorice And Sunflower Petal Extracts (50 ml)

Developed in partnership with AmbrosiaLab srl - University of Ferrara

Recent research has revealed that your skin needs suitable protection and defence even once you're out of the sun, as a series of damaging reactions which affect the youthful look of your skin are triggered at this time. This innovative after sun treatment was developed in partnership with AmbrosiaLab srl - University of Ferrara to protect and repair your skin over a long period, defending it from the damage that occurs after exposure. It contains select active ingredients, most notably liquorice extracts, which have antioxidant and soothing properties, and protect your skin from the damage caused by UV radiation. Coconut oil and sesame oil nourish and offer softness. Sunflower petal extract, meanwhile, absorbs UV rays and turns them into light energy, for more radiant yet protected skin. In addition to these exceptional properties, the product also has a particularly velvety and easily absorbed texture and a delicate aroma that unleashes a wonderful feeling of comfort and pleasure with every application.

Choose it if you want a product that contains no parabens or formaldehyde releasers.

The product was shown to have photorepairing properties when subjected to in vitro testing on EpiDerm ™ (EpiDerm ™ is a trademark registered by MatTek Corporation)

The product produced a reduction in redness caused by UV solar radiation of 18%* after 24 hours and 43%* after 48 hours*

*instrumental test carried out on 20 volunteers for 48 hours.

Hair/Skin: For all skin types.
Actions: Soothing and anti-redness, photoprotective and photorepairing, moisturising and nourishing.
Direction for use: After exposure to the sun, ensure your face is clean and dry and rub in until fully absorbed.
Suggestions: For everyone who wants an effective after sun lotion that helps to fight photoageing.
Characteristic: A cream enriched with coconut oil, sesame oil, olive oil derivatives and liquorice and sunflower petal extracts.
Texture: A light and fluid lotion.
Application Area: Face.