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Phytovital Concentrated Eye Brightener With Tensor Effect (5 ml)

Phytovital Concentrated Eye Brightener With Tensor Effect (5 ml)

Bottega Verde

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Concentrated Eye Brightener With Tensor Effect, With Beautyfeye And Mediterranean Plant Extracts (5 ml)

This is a targeted treatment for the delicate area around your eyes, formulated to fight signs of tiredness, loss of tone and wrinkles.

Its rich formula contains a concentrated mix of select active ingredients, most notably Beautyfeye™, a truly innovative cosmetic product that provides a tensor effect for your eyelids and expression lines and helps to improve the look of dark circles, as well as broom, maritime pine and Italian lavender extracts.

It also contains special pigments that reflect the light, giving the eye area a fresh and bright look. The micropearls in the formula create a soft focus effect that minimises imperfections and gives your skin a uniform appearance, lighting up your look with intense brightness.


The texture, which melts particularly easily into the skin, provides a feeling of comfort and a wonderful youthful sensation. 


  • statistically significant reduction in 'crow's feet' (-14.6%)
  • statistically significant reduction in dark circles (-19.2%)
  • statistically significant reduction in the average number of wrinkles (-15.9%)
  • Statistically significant changes in the main parameters measured by the torque meter indicate a general improvement in skin elasticity


*clinical and instrumental test on 18 volunteers for 8 weeks