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Nectarine Peach - Body Milk (200ml)

Nectarine Peach - Body Milk (200ml)

Bottega Verde

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Nectarine Peach - Body Milk (200ml)

Enveloping, sweet and velvety, it pampers and nourishes the skin and shrouds the senses in its delectable fragrance of ripe Peaches. The rich formula with a smooth-flowing, velvety texture is enriched with Peach juice for a daily burst of sweetness.

Actions: Smoothing

Usage Directions: Apply it once you have dried your skin after a bath or shower, then rub it in until it has been fully absorbed. Apply it twice a day to particularly dry skin.

Scent: Fruity and floral.

Suggestions: For everyone.

Characteristics: Silky

Texture: Creamy lotion

Application Area: Body