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Sensitive Skin - Face Fluid (50ml) - Anti-Redness, Light Texture

Sensitive Skin - Face Fluid (50ml) - Anti-Redness, Light Texture

Bottega Verde

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Sensitive Skin - Face Fluid (50ml) - Anti-Redness, Light Texture

Light, mild lotion to help sensitive skin to find its natural balance, giving relief and protection, to combat annoying prickling and soothe unsightly problems caused by heat. The special, ultra-gentle formula can boast the presence of MAXnolia, a cutting-edge ingredient extracted from Magnolia and grape seeds with a high anti-oxidant, soothing power that helps to prevent the appearance of couperose. The addition of plant Ceramides has a barrier effect that translates as improved hydration and skin protected against dryness and sensitivity. Day after day, the skin feels wonderfully comfortable, looking softer and more radiant. Ideal for normal-combination skin types.

Hair/Skin:sensitive skin types
Direction for use:apply evenly to the face after cleansing, every morning, massaging until fully absorbed.
Scent:mild and allergen free
Suggestions:sensitive skin and couperose
Application Area:face