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Idravita - Rich Moisturizing Balm (50ml)

Idravita - Rich Moisturizing Balm (50ml)

Bottega Verde

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Idravita - Rich Moisturizing Balm (50ml)

A wonderful treatment formulated for deep-down moisturising of dehydrated skin, flooding it with instant, lasting wellness. The special 2-in-1 formula can be massaged into the skin every evening, like a rich night cream, or for demanding, dehydrated skin, it can be applied thickly as an SOS face pack. The rich, creamy texture has been specifically developed to give immediate relief to "tight" skin. Its rich mix of active ingredients has a dedicated action on the skin's natural hydration mechanisms: AQUAPHYLINE ® , extract of Viola tricolor boosts the transport of water into the skin, Hyaluronic acid helps to preserve optimum moisture levels and Fiji water is synonymous with fresh wellness. When you wake up, your skin will feel incredibly soft and ultra velvety. 

Effectiveness test

AFTER A SINGLE APPLICATION: skin hydrated by +60%*Assessed the morning after applying the product to the face for one evening.


AFTER 7 DAYS OF APPLICATION: skin hydrated by+80%*.
Assessed after applying the product to the face for 7 days.

*average% variation.

Hair/Skin:dry skin
Actions:prolonged hydration
Direction for use:use in the evening, after cleansing, massaging into face, neck and decolletage until fully absorbed. For SOS skin care, use as a face pack, applying a larger amount and leaving on as long as necessary, even all night.
Scent:floral, aquatic, citrus, woody, musk note
Suggestions:those with particularly dry skin
Characteristic:lasting hydration
Texture:viscous gel
Application Area:face, neck and decolletage