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White Sublime - Whitening Day Face Cream (50ml)

White Sublime - Whitening Day Face Cream (50ml)

Bottega Verde

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White Sublime - Whitening Day Face Cream (50ml)

The skin on the face is more exposed to attack from external elements such as the sun and pollution than any other part of the body and as time passes, it can lose its tone and smoothness to reveal unsightly spots and blemishes and a dull, lifeless appearance. To bring back beautiful skin at any age and to restore a new radiance and perfection, our laboratories have created a special line with the specific aim of correcting age spots and blemishes, while lightening and evening out skin tone to give every woman's face a newly discovered perfection. 

A daily treatment with a lightening action to guarantee radiant perfection. The combined action of ALPAFLOR ® Gigawhite, a mix of highly effective active ingredients, and Liquorice is a great aid in the prevention of melanin synthesis while gradually correcting the formation of age spots and blemishes, lightening skin and evening out colour tones. The formula also contains Hyaluronic acid for a powerful hydration boost that will bring dull skin back to life. Its velvety, easily absorbed texture carries the active ingredients deep down for a more efficient action. Constant use of this cream will bring visible, lasting results as well as preventing the formation of new problems... for skin that looks perfect at any age. 

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Direction for use:use in the morning after cleansing, massaging onto the face, neck and decolleté until fully absorbed. To boost effectiveness, we recommend using White Sublime facial cleanser 
Scent:Head notes: citrus floral, Bergamot, Mandarin, Rosehip; Heart notes: oriental floral, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Sandalwood; Base notes: Sweet, woody, amber, Amber incense, Vanilla, Vetiver
Suggestions:those wanting even-toned, radiant skin
Application Area:face and décolleté