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Per Lei - Eau de Toilette - (75 ml)

Per Lei - Eau de Toilette - (75 ml)

Bottega Verde

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Per Lei - Eau de Toilette - (75 ml)

As sweet and sprightly as you!

This eau de toilette encapsulates consummately intense femininity, like an enveloping elixir of sweetness. It opens exhilaratingly with delicious notes of fruit and orange blossom, rousing the senses like a fated encounter with a soulmate. The creamy, sugary Chocolate and Hazelnut middle notes peerlessly embody the feeling of falling in love, when everything is sweet, captivating and delightful. As sensual and velvety as a kiss, the warm hints of Patchouli and Vanilla round off the ode to love.

Scent: Top notes: Peach, Orange Blossom and Blackcurrant. Middle notes: Chocolate and Hazelnut. Base notes: Patchouli and Vanilla.

Application Area: Body