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Via dell'Amore - Eau de toilette (100 ml)

Via dell'Amore - Eau de toilette (100 ml)

Bottega Verde

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 Via dell'Amore - Eau de toilette (100 ml)

An alley in the historical town of Pienza leads to a picturesque terrace that looks out into the heart of the Tuscan countryside. In the breathtaking landscape, the sun shines brightly on the emerald green hills that stretch as far as the eye can see. Cypress trees dotted here and there complement the scenery and the blue sky reaches out over the endless horizon. For centuries the tall, sun-kissed walls of the houses have safeguarded the most romantic pledges of love, silently bearing witness to stolen kisses, whispered promises, clandestine encounters, hidden tears, pounding hearts and softly spoken poems... They keep the secrets of Love.

Love is joy: a cascade of overwhelming feelings that fill you with a sudden glow, making everything sparkle and showing everyday things in a new light that makes them seem different, new and more beautiful... Love is this magical eau de toilette, which blossoms on the skin, enchanting and surprising like a sudden passion and a pounding, happy heart. Its romantic symphony of buds with immaculate petals is like a whisper that goes straight to the heart, weaving pristine scents of blooming flowerbeds in the air before making way for the melodic fragrances of fruit ripening on the luxuriant Tuscan hills. The air gradually gets warmer and brighter, like a lover¿s promise by starlight. It reveals a spellbinding mosaic of noble spices which blend with creamy notes of eternally splendorous resins and woods as the dance of love begins.

Scent: Top notes: grapefruit, green apple and raspberry. Middle notes: black peonies, irises and orange blossom. Base notes: cedar wood, patchouli and cane sugar.

Recommended: For anyone who wants to be shrouded in a sophisticated scent.

Application Area: On the wrists and behind the ears.