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Black Vanilla Sublime Oil with Sweet Almond Oil (50 ml)

Black Vanilla Sublime Oil with Sweet Almond Oil (50 ml)

Bottega Verde

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Black Vanilla Sublime Oil with Sweet Almond Oil (50 ml)

Appealing, sublime, smooth-flowing: a beauty secret to rub into your skin. Its rich formula, with sweet almond oil, nourishes the skin and keeps it silky and moisturised. It has a light, quickly absorbable texture. It is easy to spread and not greasy. Ideal for a relaxing massage, each touch will envelop your senses with the fragrant magic of black vanilla, leaving your skin instantly comforted and invitingly soft.

Actions: Silkifying and aromatic.

Usage Direction: Rub it in all over the body after a bath or shower; can be used on dry or damp skin.

Scent: Sweet and aromatic top notes: vanilla blossom, coconut milk and coffee beans; fruity and floral middle notes: tuberose, heliotrope flowers, peach and raspberry; musky, woody base notes: patchouli, malt, vanilla pods and musky notes.

Suggestion: For everyone.

Characteristics: Liquid oil.

Texture: Liquid oil.

Application Area: Body