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Argan & Iris - Body Milk (250 ml)

Argan & Iris - Body Milk (250 ml)

Bottega Verde

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Argan & Iris - Body Milk with Regenerating and Soothing Argan Oil and Iris Milk (250 ml)

Experience a lovely sensation of wellness after bathing while nourishing and protecting your skin with the precious anti-oxidant, elasticizing and restorative properties of Argan oil. The presence of softening and soothing Iris milk delights even the most sensitive skin. Its intoxicating fragrance stimulates the senses... offering a sensation of infinite sweetness. 

Hair/Skin:for all skin types 
Actions:moisturizing, nourishing 
Direction for use:apply to dry skin after a bath or shower and massage until completely absorbed. Apply twice daily for dry skin. 
Scent:Notes of citrus (mandarin, orange), fruit (prune, coconut, peach, apricot), oriental spices (jasmine, ylang ylang, rose, heliotrope), spicy inklings (pink berries), wood (sandalwood), cream and musk.
Suggestions:anyone who would like to envelop themselves in a citrus, oriental and spicy fragrance that recalls exotic countries 
Characteristic:milk enriched with iris extract and argan oil. 
Application Area:body