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White Iris - Body Cream (200ml)

White Iris - Body Cream (200ml)

Bottega Verde

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White Iris - Body Cream (200ml)

A velvety caress that pays homage to the skin with infinite sweetness and the aromatic, enchanting notes of white iris. The formula, which contains iris milk and shea butter, has a velvety texture that melts on the skin, giving it an appealing softness.

Choose it if you want a product that contains no parabens or formaldehyde releasers

Actions:Nourishing and silkifying properties.
Direction for use:Apply after taking a bath or shower, rubbing it in until it is completely absorbed. For particularly dry skin, repeat application twice a day.
Scent:TOP NOTES: Lemon, orange, ylang-ylang and cocoa. MIDDLE NOTES: Orchid, violet, iris and caramel. BASE NOTES: Vanilla pods, heliotrope, musk notes and benzoin.
Suggestions:For all skin types.
Characteristic:A body cream that melts on the skin, with silkifying properties.

Application Area:Body.