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Gift Set - Argan Maxi Gift Set

Gift Set - Argan Maxi Gift Set

Bottega Verde

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Super Complete Argan A sumptuous gift to pay tribute to true beauty with Argan!

The package is made up of:

Argan of Morocco - Lips Stick with rejuvenating nutrient - Argan oil Protects and keeps your lips soft for a long time thanks to Argan oil, miracle and precious beauty elixir, rich in vitamin E, A and F. For a smile always young!

Moroccan Argan - Hand Cream with Desert Jasmine Extract and Argan Rejuvenating Nutrient Oil (75 ml) - It gives immediate relief to the hands, even more dry and dehydrated, and preserves the beauty while protecting them. It contains Argan oil, powerful protective, moisturizing, nutritious and emollient, and Gelsomino extract, especially suitable for the treatment of dry and dehydrated skin.

Argan of Morocco - Bathroot with desert jasmine extract and nutritious Argan (400 ml) - Ideal for a nutritious bath that provides silence and softness to all skin types. An Argan oil derivative has a powerful emollient and nutritional activity. Gelsomino extract is great for dry and dehydrated skin.

Moroccan Argan - Body Cream with Rejuvenating Nutrient Argan Oil (200 ml) - Rich and inviting body treatment that gives nourishment and protection to the skin immediately making it soft. The special formula, enriched with Argan oil and butter from the well-known nourishing and rejuvenating activity, also delivers the most dry and stressed skin ... for a long-lasting velvety softness!

Argan of Morocco - Refreshing Parfum deodorant to Argan (125 ml) - Its sweet fragrance dresses the skin of inebriating notes, giving instant freshness and prolonged well-being. The delicate formula is enriched with Argan extract.

Argan of Morocco - Cleansing Facial Cleanser with Nutrient Rejuvenating Argan Oil (250 ml) - To give yourself a soft and nourished skin since the first gesture of daily beauty: detergent. This cleanser containing Argan oil leaves its fresh, velvety face, ready to receive the next treatments.

Morocco Argan - The Perfume (30 ml) - Our wonderful aroma of Morocco's Argan has now become an enchanting eau de toilette! A thousand and a night symphony that combines the sweetness of the summer fruits with the delicate arrangements of white flowers, the Amber, exploding with the enveloping and warm sensuality of Vanilla, the east and mossy woods. To dream and make dreams! Gift box