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Gift Set - Pink Pepper Hands Body Deo Bath&Shower Metal Box

Gift Set - Pink Pepper Hands Body Deo Bath&Shower Metal Box

Bottega Verde

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Pink Pepe Case - The Pepe Rosa travels first class with the gift box to give!

The package is made up of:

Pink Pepper - Hand Cream with Peppercorn and Vanilla Extracts (75 ml) - A rich and fragrant cream, formulated with Pepe Rosa and Vaniglia extracts, also ideal for particularly dry and dehydrated hands helps to prevent the appearance of the signs of time. Its marvelous fragrance emits soothing and enveloping effulses.

Pink pepper - Peppercorn extract (400 ml) - Promotes a wonderful wellness trip this inebriating delicate formula bath, enriched with Pepe Pink and Vanilla extracts. Its fragrance illuminates the senses with appetizing notes of Pink Pepper, Bergamot of Calabria and Vanilla.

Pink Pepper - Body Cream with Pepper Pink Extract (200 ml) - A true delight that blends in with the skin giving a wonderful feeling of softness and caressing the senses with its creamy and soothing fragrance. Its rich cocktail of selected functional principles, with the presence of extracts of Pepe Rosa and Vaniglia.

Pink pepper - Parfum deodorant (125 ml) - It delivers a delightful freshness of freshness thanks to its wonderful fragrance, a perfect blend of tantalizing and enveloping notes. The special formula with Pepe Pink and Vanilla extracts protects without changing the natural perspiration. Metal case