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Men's Gift Set - Black Amber Small Metal Case

Men's Gift Set - Black Amber Small Metal Case

Bottega Verde

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Mini Black Amber - The charm of Amber Black illuminates the Parties and becomes the perfect gift

The packaging is made up of:

MAN - Amber Black - Shampoo (50ml) - Soothing toning in the shower with this inebriating product "two in one" to clean skin and hair. Its immersive fragrance empties an inebriating freshness that resembles the sparkling arrangements of citrus fruits in Sicily and warms hearts with an echo of amber spices. The special formula is enriched with fine wood extract.

MAN - Black Amber - Eau de toilette (50 ml) - A debut of inebriating freshness that recalls the sparkling citrus arrangements of Sicily, is married with warm caramelized notes and amber spices. An amazing and generous jus, devoted to a real modern seducer. Metal box