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Gift Set - Argan Hands Body And Bath&Shower Gift Set

Gift Set - Argan Hands Body And Bath&Shower Gift Set

Bottega Verde

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The package is made up of:

Argan of Morocco - Bagnoodoccia with desert jasmine extract and Argan nutrient (50 ml) Ideal for a nutritious bath that gives silky and softness to all skin types. An Argan oil derivative has a powerful emollient and nutritional activity. Gelsomino extract is great for dry and dehydrated skin.

Moroccan Argan - Hand Cream with Desert Jasmine Extract and Argan Rejuvenating Nutrient Oil (30 ml) It gives instant relief to your hands, even drier and dehydrated, and preserves beauty while protecting them. It contains Argan oil, powerful protective, moisturizing, nutritious and emollient, and Gelsomino extract, especially suitable for the treatment of dry and dehydrated skin.

Argan of Morocco - Body Cream with Rejuvenating Nutrient Argan Oil (30 ml) Thanks to the presence of Argan oil, the skin of all ages ensures the benefits of this precious elixir of beauty: it nourishes, protects, softens and performs anti- age. Gelsomino extract is especially beneficial for dry and dehydrated skin. A real pleasure to indulge every day after the bath or shower. Metal box with lid