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The SPLENDIDA collection has numerous aims:

  • protecting the skin from pollution and thereby, 
  • fighting the first signs of ageing
  • preventing loss of freshness,
  • moisturising more efficiently,
  • achieving a new bright and radiant beauty.  

It was created for women in their thirties, when life is at its most demanding and the skin begins to lose its resilience against stress and tiredness, providing a complete programme to defend their youth. 

Our laboratories have succeeded in developing an ideal solution for thirty-somethings, a full dose of energy and moisturising that aims to protect the freshness of young skin at a time when a fresh and smooth face is harder to achieve after a hard day.
We have combined effective ingredients with particularly appealing textures for the senses, creating a benchmark product for young women who want to rediscover their beauty and guarantee themselves a bright future. 
This multi-active formula contains a moisturising ingredient extracted from Sicilian Barbary Fig and Pollushield™, a global antioxidant. It provides a barrier effect that protects your skin from the premature ageing caused by pollution and oxidative stress, giving the skin back its vitality and radiance, sweeping away signs of tiredness. The non-oily texture melts on the skin and is absorbed immediately, giving your skin a boost of wellbeing with a wonderful feeling of rediscovered freshness.

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