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The Secret of Youth Comes from the Sea

Harnessing the power of the sea, the Phytovital line is designed to address the demanding needs of mature skin.

As we age, our skin is at the mercy of damaging environmental elements, causing it to loose its lustre and tone. Heed the ocean's call and experience a new generation of anti-aging treatments fomulated by Bottega Verde's experts with a mix of functional marine ingredients and botanic extracts. Boasting a V-Shaping effect to create a sharper contour, 3D volumizing and reshaping effects, anti-wrinkle, elasticising and re-compacting characteristics, the Phytovital line is the ultimate wrinkle fighter, penetrating deep within the skin to the dermis layer to effectively fight ageing at the root of the problem.

The 100% paraben and formaldehyde-free line consists of an Intensive Anti-Ageing Pragramme, Face Compacting Night Treatment, Face Shaping Day Treatment, and Concentrated Eye Brightener.

Unique Selling Points:
  • V shaping: a redesigned face, with sharper and linear contours
  • 3D Volumising and reshaping effect.
  • Anti-wrinkle: a reduction in wrinkle depth, making the skin smoother
  • Elasticizing
  • Recompacting: improves the structure of Collagen fibers, the basic protein of the derma

100% Parabens and Formaldehyde FREE

…the benefits of the sea on yourskin!

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