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The Italian lavender comes from plantations in the Apennine Mountains in Emilia-Romagna, Italy, which in the summer are transformed into an extremely aromatic expanse of purple.
Stopping to enjoy the delights of a lavender field in bloom is perhaps one of the most wonderful sensory experiences imaginable. The stunning hues of the flowers stand out against the green meadows and the cobalt blue mountain sky, while the intense, effervescent aroma unleashes magnificent, breath-taking sensations.
Lavender has been renowned for centuries for its unmistakeable fragrance and its exceptional qualities. It is part of our cosmetic heritage. Every drop of its essence gives a sense of lightness, good spirits, wellbeing and relaxation. In addition, lavender is thought to be beneficial for the skin, and was traditionally used in creams for its balancing and soothing effect.
Every product in our Lavanda line is full of the precious properties of this enchanting flower, grown amongst the rustic Apennines. With just a quick spray of scented water or a little pampering in the shower, you can savour all of its exceptional virtues.
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