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Moroccan Argan - Repair and Control Oil (50 ml)

Bottega Verde

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Moroccan Argan - Repair and Control Oil (50 ml) - Protection and Nourishment For Damaged Hair and Split Ends

As well as adding volume and exceptional shine to thin, lifeless, flat and stressed hair, this product covers it with a protective film that puts a stop to frizziness. All of this is thanks to the nourishing, repairing and protective action of its formula, which is enriched with Argan oil. It is effective on both wet and dry hair, it does not leave any residue and it makes hair easier to brush and style.

Hair/Skin: For all types of hair, especially dry and treated hair.

Actions: Emollient, untangling, shine enhancing and protective.

Direction for use: Apply a small amount of the product to wet hair, rub it in carefully and then style the hair. Rub a few drops into the dry tips until they have been fully absorbed.

Scent: TOP NOTES: CITRUS/FRESH (bergamot, lemon zest and coriander). MIDDLE NOTES: FLORAL (white flowers, lily of the valley and irises). BASE NOTES: WOODY/AMBER/MUSKY (cedar wood, birch, amber, vanilla and a blend of musky notes).

Suggestions: For anyone who wants soft, silky hair.

Characteristic: Liquid enriched with Argan oil and linseed oil.

Texture: Liquid

Application Area: Hair