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In the place where nature is particularly unrelenting, where the wind blows and the landscape consists of sand and sunshine, grows a precious treasure: for centuries it has been the beauty secret of the women living in this harsh yet intriguing region, abounding in magical tales. The secret is Argania Spinosa, an ancient tree which grows spontaneously, but only at the edge of the desert in south-west Morocco. The fruit of these age-old trees is processed for at least two days, to produce an oil which is extremely precious and rare: every hundred kilos of fruit yields just one litre of oil! Argan Oil, often called “Desert gold” on account of its extraordinary and precious properties, not only lends a distinctive and unique flavour to traditional Berber cooking, but also offers exceptional nourishing, moisturising, protective and repairing benefits. The local women, up to now the sole guardians of its extraordinary powers and the only people involved in its processing, have been using it for centuries as protection against the harsh effects of wind and sand; it is also gentle enough to be massaged into the delicate skin of their children, who benefit from its effective soothing properties.
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