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Olive - The Story

The 2000 olive trees are part of the wonderful scenery in the hills of Pienza, the location of Palazzo Massaini. Here, on 15 hectares, caressed by the breeze and warmed by the sun in the heart of Tuscany, they grow strong and luxuriant. Treated by expert hands, in mid-October they give us their precious fruit: juicy olives.
The olives are still harvested manually at Palazzo Massaini and during the following 8-12 hours are transported to the mill, a distance of only 2 km! The short distance enables the olives to be kept in optimal condition for cold pressing. This careful process definitely produces a superior category extra virgin olive oil, with a unique quality and flavour. The OLIVO line from Palazzo Massaini -Natural effectiveness for radiantly beautiful mature skin

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